It’s Halloween costume crunch time. Channel your inner Barb, Belle, or BB8!

Earlier this week, we critiqued the annoying and increasingly ridiculous trend of “sexy” Halloween costumes for women.

Now that we’ve explored the outfits many of us don’t want to wear on All Hallows’ Eve, let’s talk about costumes we geeky ladies might actually want to put on.

Whether you’re still figuring out the details of your costume or have no idea what to wear on Halloween, you’ll find plenty of ideas below based on pop cultural trends and tried-and-true geek classics.

I used to spend a lot of time assembling my own costumes, but in recent years I’ve craved convenience over creativity.

One of my new go-to favorites is the pajama costume, or onesie. All you have to do is step into them, zip them up, and they’re warm, cozy, and comfy for a night of trick or treating or a family Halloween party.

Target has an adorable selection of Union Suits pajama costumes, ranging from whimsical animals, like unicorns and dragons, to geeky classics, like Harry Potter and Spider-Man.

One of my favorites is this Princess Leia onesie, complete with hoodie buns:


Before I surrendered to the comfy convenience of a pair of Union Suit PJs (I’ll keep which one I chose a secret), I had big plans to put together my own Antiope costume.

I’m sure I’m not the only fangirl who was so inspired by the kick-ass Amazon warriors of the “Wonder Woman” movie that I wanted to celebrate by getting in on some cosplay action.

After studying Antiope’s amazing leather-and-metal-studded battle armor, however, I decided I didn’t have the money, time, energy, or skills to pull this one off.

DC Extended Universe Wiki

But if one of you, my readers, decides to go for it, like the dedicated cosplayers pictured below, I want to be your best friend forever.

Dowen Creative Studios

Of course, there is at least one packaged costume option when it comes to the Amazons. This “Adult Deluxe Beach Battle Wonder Woman Costume” would do the trick if you’re not too picky about authenticity.


If you’d rather be the Princess of Themyscira herself, a la Gal Gadot, you don’t have to settle for one of those skimpy, less-than-battle-ready “sexy” Wonder Woman costumes.

This one’s not half bad:

Rubie’s Costume Company

I’m partial, however, to a playful homage to the goddess Diana, courtesy of Her Universe’s cosplay-ready Wonder Woman Collection.

All you need is the “DC Comics Wonder Woman Replica Tiara” and the “DC Comics Wonder Woman Reversible Dress” — which you’ll totally wear again.

Hot Topic

If you’ve got cash to burn, complete the look with the proper footwear, “DC Comics Wonder Woman 3-Piece Wedge Boots.”

Also on my wishlist of costumes I’d love to see women rocking on Halloween are the characters that populate the mythical kingdom of Wakanda in the upcoming “Black Panther” movie. Somebody please do this! This group totally pulled it off.

Some of my favorite costumes last year were themed around the Netflix ’80s throwback horror series “Stranger Things.” Never have Halloween revelers been able to create so much impact by throwing a string of Christmas lights around their necks.

From my research, it looks like “Stranger Things” will be a popular theme again this year. The show returns for Season 2 on Oct. 27.

There are many characters to choose from, of course, but none more beloved than cult favorite Barb.

Rock those Coke bottle glasses and mom jeans!

Spirit Halloween

Slap on a blonde wig — or shave your head for bonus points — and smear a little blood under your nose and you’re good to go as paranormally gifted test subject and waffle lover Eleven.

This “Blush Long-Sleeved Babydoll Dress” will be your piece de resistance.

Hot Topic

Except, you’ll also need this amazing Eggo-inspired purse (available at Spirit Halloween).

Spirit Halloween

Judging by the enthusiasm expressed for “The Last Jedi” trailer on social media this week, Star Wars will also remain a popular sartorial choice this Halloween season.

Honor the memory of Carrie Fisher with a classic Leia look:

Her Universe

Or, because there seem to be no porg costumes … yet … show your love for that other adorable sidekick, BB8, with this stunning cosplay dress:

Hot Topic

Or channel your inner rogue smuggler with this “I Am Han Solo Collared Tank-Dress,” which I totally dare you to wear to work the next day, too.


And if you’re a “Clone Wars” fan, you can go all out with this colorful Ahsoka Tano costume, complete with headpiece.

Hot Topic

Thanks to the DisneyBounding craze, you can’t go wrong with a Mouse House-themed costume.

Thanks to the success of the live-action “Beauty and the Beast” film, many Disney fans will be embracing the straight-from-the-film version of the village frock worn by that strange but special bookworm, Belle.


If you’d rather go old-school when it comes to Disney princesses, this Mulan cosplay dress is understated but on-point.

Hot Topic

Superheroes, especially the ones owned by Marvel, are predicted to dominate Halloween again this year.

This cosplay dress is practically dripping with the anticipation of the upcoming “Ms. Marvel” movie starring Brie Larson.

Her Universe

And what fan of Hiddles and Hemsworth wouldn’t have to have this reversible Thor/Loki dress from Her Universe. You can wear it again soon to see “Thor: Ragnarok.”

Her Universe

If you’re more of a Whovian than a Marvel geek, you don’t have to look very far to find duds themed after your favorite Doctor. Or you could just slip into this gorgeous, vintage-looking, timey-wimey Tardis party dress.

Hot Topic

You can always shun the latest trends and go retro with your costume instead, although I fear the three examples I’ve gathered below could actually be quite trendy this year.

The witchy 1993 Disney film “Hocus Pocus” is enjoying something of a renaissance lately, which is why I’d highly recommend putting a spell on yourself and going as one of the Sanderson sisters.

Spirit Halloween

Admit it, as much as every goth girl longs to dress up as winsome ragdoll Sally, haven’t you ever wanted to be the Pumpkin King?

Hot Topic

And to channel ultimate ’80s goth girl Lydia Deetz (aka Winona Ryder), all you really need is a clever prop, ThinkGeek’s “Beetlejuice Handbook for the Recently Deceased Journal.”


In conclusion, if you’ve got a party to get to, places to go, or people to see on Halloween, but you’re not feeling the full costume vibe, ModCloth has an eccentric and irresistible collection of vintage-style frocks, blouses, skirts, and other clothes in cute and spooky patterns that demonstrate you’re in the spirit of the evening.

Happy hauntings!



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