Meet the artist behind No Man’s Land’s new logo

If you’ve visited No Man’s Land lately, you may be wondering: Who’s that strikingly fierce, fiery Amazon/anime girl occupying the left-hand corner of the blog’s home page?

I’m glad you noticed! That would be No Man’s Land’s new logo/mascot, designed by one of my favorite artists, illustrator Mai Kemble. (Pssst. She’s also my sister-in-law. How lucky am I?)

When I decided several months ago I needed some artwork to tie together the blog and its accompanying business cards and social media accounts, Mai swooped in to the rescue with sketchbook and pencil. We spent several hours on the couch, chatting about the mission of the blog and looking at photos of Wonder Woman and Antiope for inspiration while she sketched and doodled out ideas.

We wanted something that would honor the reason No Man’s Land exists, which is to amplify women’s voices in geek culture. We envisioned imagery that was strong yet playful and evoked the stylized look of comic books and anime, something that spoke of girl power.

The blog’s original inspiration, of course, is Wonder Woman. While we aimed to pay homage to Diana — warrior, goddess, Amazon, and Princess of Themyscira — we decided an original design would be more captivating than one that’s been seen time and time again.

I couldn’t be more thrilled with what Mai came up with. Not only did she physically create the illustration, she took my scattered thoughts and ideas and encapsulated them into one beautiful image.

If you’d like to learn more about Mai and her work, you can check out this interview I did with her last December. A freelance artist and published illustrator of children’s books, she’s a serious geek with a love of classic Disney, Japanese, and stop-motion animation, as well as Star Wars, Star Trek, SuperWhoLock, Harry Potter, Adam West’s Batman, and Magnum, P.I.

Best of all, if you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas, Mai has a new series of adorable animal-themed art prints, stickers, cards, pouches, and other items that would be perfect for any animal lover, whimsical art enthusiast, or a children’s room or nursery. You can find them at Society6.

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