Geeky Halloween costumes that will put a spell on you

If there’s one thing fangirls love, it’s dressing up. Whether cosplaying, bounding, throwing costume parties, or sneaking geek fashion into your work wardrobe, there’s no better way to express your passion for a particular fandom. So it’s no surprise geek girls tend to get a little extra at Halloween time.

Coming up with a great costume idea is often the most challenging part of the spooky season. We’re a little under three weeks away from All Hallow’s Eve, so if you haven’t sorted out what you’re going to wear, you’re probably starting to feel the heat.

Fortunately, we’ve conjured up 10 spellbinding Halloween costume ideas based on geek favorites, pop culture trends, and clever cosplay inspiration. All you have to do is pick one and work your magic, whether that means getting out the sewing machine, going shopping, or ordering something from Amazon. Get to it, witches!

Once those Halloween parties and events start hopping, we’d love to see your geeky costumes. Post them on Instagram with the hashtag #nomanslandhalloween and we’ll show them off in our IG stories. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


We can’t be the only ones who fell under the dark, campy spell of Netflix’s “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.” Its no coincidence many retailers have begun carrying Puritan-style frocks with Peter Pan collars, since Sabrina and the Weird Sisters made them look so gothically fetching.

Here’s the best costume version we’ve seen, but you could always attach a white collar to a plain, knee-length, primary-colored dress.

There’s also this stylishly similar witchy frock from Unique Vintage, or this green one from ModCloth.


When it comes to opulent costuming, Disney princesses never go out of style.

This year, some of the most popular dress-up options come from the Mouse House’s recent cinematic hits. At the top of the list is the live-action version of Aladdin, which features gorgeous, bejeweled gowns worn by Naomi Scott’s Jasmine.

The live-action Jasmine’s most eye-catching look may be tricky to find in adult sizes, but Party City offers a decent version of it.

Opening in theaters next weekend, Disney’s sequel to 2014’s Maleficent is creating a lot of buzz. Angelina Jolie’s Mistress of Evil is nothing short of a fashion icon.

Her Universe just debuted its Maleficent: Mistress of Evil collection and it’s a dark queen’s dream. This dragony dress, in particular, would be perfect Halloween costume fodder.  Torrid also has a similar design.

When it comes to powerful and complicated queens, we can’t forget Elsa, who will return for more icy adventures in Frozen II next month.

We love this action-ready version of Elsa’s signature snowy look.

Another of Disney’s recent hits is Toy Story 4, which introduced us to a whole new Bo Peep, more badass than the demure shepherdess we thought we knew. The minute we saw Bo’s more practical but still adorable outfit, we knew it would make the perfect Halloween costume.

You can find an amazing, albeit expensive, version of Bo’s epic pantsuit with convertible skirt in the Disney Dress Shop collection (pictured below).

Disney also offers this precious headband featuring Billy, Goat, and Gruff. It’s available in the Dress Shop at the parks, but doesn’t seem to be offered online.

Sally might not technically be a princess, but she is the Queen of Halloween. This is another offering from Disney Dress Shop that Nightmare Before Christmas fans won’t be able to resist.

Adora isn’t a Disney princess, but she is enjoying a well-deserved comeback thanks to Netflix’s She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, an animated reboot of the series from the 1980s.

The Princess of Power and other characters from the show have been hot cosplay items at conventions this year, but if building your own costume isn’t in your skill set, there are several versions online, including this one.


America’s love affair with comic book movies is going strong, so superheroes will be making appearances in abundance this Halloween. Marvel characters will be among the most popular, especially the ones who showed up to fight Thanos in Avengers: Endgame.

After her stellar movie debut earlier this year, Captain Marvel will be a top choice among fangirls. It’s a great time to be Carol Danvers because there are many costumes to choose from in a range of prices and styles. Here’s a basic one that’s not too shabby.

You can’t go wrong dressing up as any Endgame star, but we’re partial to this badass Valkyrie from Rubie’s.


And we love this buzzy Wasp, too.

Marvel’s San Diego Comic-Con announcements regarding its upcoming slate of movie and TV releases sparked interest in two celebrated comic book characters.

Kamala Kahn, aka Ms. Marvel, will be making her long-awaited TV (and eventual movie) debut, so this is a prime time to don her red, blue, and gold tunic and tights.

Natalie Portman was announced as the star of the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder. She’ll play the Mighty Thor of the comics. If you want to beat her to it, you are worthy of wielding Mjolnir with this costume. (Maybe ditch the ridiculous heels though?)

Loki may have met his bitter end in Avengers: Infinity War, but fan fervor for the God of Mischief remains intact. Thor’s green-clad prankster sibling provides constant inspiration for ingenious gender-bending cosplay of all kinds.

If you’re willing to go all in, price-wise, Elhoffer Design has a Mischief Tunic that evokes Loki’s scheming sass in all the best ways.

Sony’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is another huge hit featuring Marvel characters that cosplayers have been having endless fun with.

You could always go for the classic spandex Spider-Gwen suit.

We’re partial, however, to homemade looks that make our spidey senses tingle, like the brilliant Doctor Olivia “Liv” Octavius cosplay pictured below. Why not get creative with it?

Cosplay by Brenna Mazzoni.

If Marvel’s not really your thing, the DC Extended Universe can provide plenty of costume possibilities. The recent trailer and new posters for Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) have got us dreaming up shiny, new outfit ideas.

You could use what we’ve seen of Harley’s glittery new wardrobe to build your own costume. (This is the only screen accurate costume we could find available to purchase online.)


Amazon’s Good Omens, which Neil Gaiman adapted from the novel he co-wrote with the late Terry Pratchett, has sent cosplayers into a tizzy.

With the chemistry between David Tennant as cynical demon Crowley and his soulmate, sweet cinnamon role angel Aziriphale (Michael Sheen), as their muse, they’ve been whipping up the best gender-bending couple’s costumes this side of heaven (or hell, depending on your preference).

There are endless possibilities for collaborating with a friend or partner to put together your own twist on the duo’s yin-yang vintage style, a la the awesome pair pictured below.

Aziriphale: @spacepirateangels. Crowley: @serpouncealott. Photo by @zeropuntosedici.

Or offers both Aziriphale’s dapper look and Crowley’s rock ‘n’ roll one, but in men’s sizes.


Remember when there weren’t many Star Wars costume options for women in stores, just sexy Stormtroopers and mini-skirted Darth Vaders?

Things are definitely looking up since the release of the new trilogy, which will conclude in December with Episode IX, The Rise of Skywalker.

Speaking of which, a brief clip from the trailer for that film, which hints at the intriguing possibility of a Rey gone to the Dark Side, has women scrambling to whip up their own “Dark Rey” costumes.

We’re all for it. Break out those black, hooded cloaks and double-sided lightsabers.

If you’d rather be regular, old light side Rey, that’s also great. Here’s a Rise of Skywalker-style costume from Amazon.

There are many other Star Wars characters you could rep as well as Rey, including Rose Tico, our beloved General Leia Organa, Admiral Holdo, Zorii Bliss or Cara Dune from the upcoming Mandalorian TV show on Disney Plus,  as well as a host of male characters, from Kylo Ren to Poe Dameron.

If you’re looking for something Star Wars that’s also a little dreamy, Her Universe’s ombre Attack of the Clones-inspired Padme gown is just the thing.


If you’re planning to go on a Curiosity Voyage this Halloween, the denizens of Hawkins, Indiana, are ready for you.

Bring the summer job vibes with the sailor suit chic of Robin’s Scoops Ahoy uniform.

Elle’s blonde wig, pink dress, and waffles may have been last year’s go-to Halloween getup, but this year it’s all about the newly empowered Eleven’s rainbow-colored, geometric-patterned romper.

Remember, you can’t spell “America” without Erica. We haven’t seen her costume in stores, but it shouldn’t be too hard to put together your own. Just be sure to bring the Erica attitude.


Tim Burton’s 1988 horror comedy is having a moment. Hot Topic has an entire collection inspired by the film and we are here for it!

If you want to create your own look, evoking Michael Keaton’s devious poltergeist, this vintage-style dress — with pockets! — is a great place to start.


We don’t know if its Jack Skellington’s fault, but black and white pinstripes are very in right now. When it comes to Halloween styling, there’s so much you can do with this bold print.

You could put together the coziest, most fashion-forward Pumpkin King bound with this cardigan from Elhoffer Design and Unique Vintage.

There’s also this adorable matching Sally cardigan, if you want to pair up.


Netflix’s adaptation of The Umbrella Academy comic series has proven to be another favorite dress-up option for cosplayers this year.

There are endless options, thanks to the show’s many characters, including Vanya (aka The White Violin), Klaus, Allison, Number Five, Cha-Cha, and The Handler.

If you want to keep it simple, there’s always this version of Allison’s iconic uniform.


Hogwarts’ Yule Ball may be a Christmas tradition, but its witchy vibes also happen to be perfect for All Hallow’s Eve. Her Universe has got your fashion covered with three flouncy, colorful gowns inspired by Fleur, Hermione, and Luna’s looks for the wizarding world’s big dance. All you need is a date. Maybe Victor Krum is available?

Photos: Her Universe,, Netflix, EZCosplay, Unique Vintage, Jolly Popwear, Target, Hot Topic, Disney,, DC, Amazon, Marvel, Rubie’s, Lavender Vroman.


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